Thursday, May 30, 2013

Little known secrets - local entrepreneurs

What happened to all of the non-tech start-ups?

Recently, I wanted to create a new exercise for my Intro to Entrepreneurship class (Santa Clara University) that would explore local entrepreneurship in a similar space, but not the same firms seen over and over in the news.  With the bulk of entrepreneurship news focusing on tech start-ups and venture capital, I thought that this blog should take a look at the unsung heroes of the economy: the small, local entrepreneurs who are not developing the next app or software package.  Here, I bring you news of other ventures in interesting spaces.

Like chocolate.

As you may know, there has been a proliferation of chocolate shops in the last decades.  Many companies have entered the space and competition is hot.  

In the Bay Area, chocolate flows freely, but the quality range is huge.

First up - Dandelion Chocolate.  Started by the Plaxo founders in 2010.  Single-origin bars (70%) with two ingredients: cocoa and sugar.  As someone who is highly sensitive to the additives in mass produced chocolate, Dandelion is a treasure.

Next up ...

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