Monday, July 28, 2014

Madame Kayoko Hosokawa – entrepreneur

On July 14th I was honored to attend a Salon hosted by the Japan Society of Northern California at the Consul General of Japan’s home in San Francisco.   At the Salon, Madame Kayoko Hosokawa, the former First Lady of Japan, spoke about her latest endeavors in support of musicians with special needs.  The day before, she had introduced the U.S. Japan Friendship Special (Family) Music Concert, which brought together musicians with autism from Japan and the U.S.  At the Salon, Madame Hosokawa passionately described how she was moved to start advocacy for those with disabilities over 30 years ago when she learned about a young woman who was a Special Olympian from Japan.  Since then, she has worked on several projects to promote equality.  Her efforts include co-foundering the Special Olympics of Nippon in 1994 and producing 4 movies about some of the extraordinary accomplishments of those special needs.

Why am I bringing this up on a blog about entrepreneurship?  Good question.  I do this because I would like to highlight Madame Hosokawa’s endeavors as examples of entrepreneurship that don’t fall into what people often define as entrepreneurship.  The Special Olympics of Nippon was not a brand new idea, but it took a lot of work to create this organization.  And what about films?  A film is not a new firm, but could be considered a new venture. 

What do you consider entrepreneurship?